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EEPO – Leading Rubber Product Supplier in Malaysia

At EEPO Industrial, we provide a wide range of custom rubber products. Our capability can provide you with a complete spectrum of rubber sheet manufacturing and engineering speciality including NBR Sponge Sheet, Insulation Sponge Sheet, Moulded Rubber, Extrusion Rubber, Bulk Nitrile Glove, and Bulk Latex Glove.

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High-Quality Rubber Products in Malaysia

Quality, durability and high elasticity — these are the three qualities that EEPO Industrial prides itself upon. Here, our customers will never be short of options or doubt the quality of the products. We remain steadfast in providing our customers across the nation with products that are of the highest standard to use in their daily workflow. With EEPO Industrial, we guarantee that all our products will exceed your expectations and will help you save costs too. In fact, our R&D team continuously looks for ways to improve our products, so we can continue offering our customer the best products.

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Here at EEPO Industrial, we will help you outperform your competitors. We maintain a competitive edge and meet new challenges with adversity and passion – allowing us to strive daily to master and implement up-to-date manufacturing methods in our operation

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