NBR sponges are excellent oil and heat resistance material which helps in preserving, insulating, cushioning, shock proofing, sound absorption, instrumentation, sound insulation and sealing of gaps or places that needs paddings.

It can be applied at -30 up to 110 Celsius which widely used in places such as gaskets, packagings, automobiles, electronics, air conditioners, sport goods, water supplies, audio and other industries to become and indispensable elastic material.

*For more customize sizes, please contact Mr Teh (016-2166 562)


Comes in rolls of 3mm / 6mm / 9mm / 19mm (Ofcourse other sizes are also available with their own modified cuts)

Benefits of NBR sponge:
✅ It’s low cost, easy to apply in any places
✅ Widely available and used in many industries
✅ Very strong sealant compared to many sources
✅ Various sizes to fit holes of any gaps

*For more customize sizes, please contact Mr Teh (016-2166 562)