Ribbed PVC Curtain Roll (CLEAR YELLOW)

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Effectively stop the loss of cold air or warm air and prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet. As a result, they significantly save power consumption of air conditioning systems. They also reduce the dB value of noise, constrain noise from spreading and reduce niose pollution.

You may have probably already knew some if not most of the product features here on our site but…they are not your usual generic items that can often be found everywhere else…

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✅ We can cut for you so you don’t have to! (Done for you, Saves your time!) – We provide all in one so that you can focus to make more SALES & LESS PRODUCTION!

✅ We do all the heavy lifting with high success rates so you can make good relationships with your clients thus they get happier & pleased with your work! (Excellent quality and standards that we provide!)

✅ We provide amazing rubber quality sourced from best parts of SEA so that professional engineers can easily use and enjoy when placing together in their projects!

✅ Timely delivery (We work efficiently to deliver best results at low lead time!) – We understood that SPEED is everything. Most of our work are done in less than 48 Hours!

✅ We replace all our mistakes and errors! (No Excuses!) – So nothing will be on your shoulders!

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Thing is, the No. 1 critical fact that is holding most professionals back in this industry is…(look…this not so pleasant “SECRET” might shock you when you find out..)

Is to always go for “Cheapest”
Because cheap means good,
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But hey if you like the cheapest products out there and everything has been working out well for you so far, well just keep doing it champ!

We’re here to make change for the 90% of professionals out there that had been seeing a steep decline in their work…and it’s not always great to see..

So this is why…I will say it again, we’ve got to make better quality especially on this line of work if we want to retain our lovely clients!

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Rubber are costly & risky when cut badly with the wrong hands as you pay good money for the products in the first place..

However we can settle all backend related tasks:

*Cutting is tiring & lame*

(Less people wants to do it, especially with precision)


If you do not want that & insist to do it yourself anyways…

Cool, because you can too!  We do offer industrial goods as its own from the get go.

what some clients that had worked with us before had to say :

(See what other people in their own respective field had to say!)

( Disclaimer: We value everyone’s privacy, therefore to protect and for safety reasons.  No names or anything confidential will be revealed to the public )

Why you should not be afraid of getting…

(Because I would definitely feel the same too if I were in your shoe...)

1. Scolded by your boss

2. Scolded by your clients

3. Rubber quality that’s not up to par

4. Product and does not fit requirements in the end

5. A turtle speed delivery

6. An excessive charge for transportation

7. An incorrect size for product

8. Available product but with very low stock count

If any one of the above appeared atleast once in your mind…

( Great! Because we are here to fix those headaches together anyways! )

Discover How Working with us can be a huge game changer!?

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Reasonable lead time
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We allow payment terms
(For easy & less stressful clearance!)
Moving towards making your projects work better!
Providing quality delivery that will make your clients feel happier working working with you.
(We prepare and cuts properly instead of cheaper but gets complains from the clients later on.)
Low minimum order quantity!
(As low as quarter meter depending on product)
Makes your boss happy with you for choosing the right place and getting things done smoothly!
Although may not be the *Cheapest* but has been best in the market for
years, decades & counting!
Ensures our rubber does not tear, crack or has un-even bumps and not fully straight surfaces.
Breaks easily when placed inside machines & needs replacements urgently during unexpected times.
 Rubber elements that are more pure and not mixed with chemicals which alot of industrial users may often reject!
(Plus it smells bad!)
Offers variety of products & often ready stock!
We provide deep consultation
(So you don’t make big Ouchyy mistakes!)

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Able to pick the right place to source so that your clients will be more than happy & satisfied to continue working with you again and again in the future which means you will make more revenue and grow faster as a business owner!

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

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No worries, just try it out first and we won’t even charge you for it, just sign a form and you are off to go and if you are happy with it.

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Because look..
There’s a reason why we are doing guarantees that are so absurd in the first place and it’s not because we “Think” that we are good but it’s that we truly know because of the thousands of biz owners that we’ve helped in beforehand and that you too can be one of them that sees results or else our doors would be closed by now isn’t it…now does that sounds fair enough?

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More testimonials from our clients:

(From all sorts of industry & background!)

The reply was a bit slow...but understood due to business, however all my silicone sheets were delivered accordingly and my colleagues was pleased with it, good service

CHEE MINGHead Of Operation

Asked and tried many places before because my company usually wants custom made materials...Eric was kind enough to fulfil my needs even when was super busy. Although my order wasn't big...even during Raya time, he would still go in and do production himself alone for my task, will highly recommend to my friends! Can't thank enough!

RIDZUANEngineering Consultant

Excellent service and delivery, time after time Eric was able to settle my queries promptly without hassles.

RICHARDProject Manager

Fantastic product quality and cutting time mentioned by my team, very fine and precise too. Can't say thanks enough.

RONNIEMarketing Manager

Every sheets and gaskets were on point and had ordered various times during MCO until now, No regrets and my boss loves the timely service!

SANDYOperation Manager

Very nice and affordable...cutting fine...few pieces here and there were abit off but understandable due to the high quantity need to prepare but did gave some replacements. However Eric was kind enough to give a deep consultation for my projects.

GANESHSales Executive

( Disclaimer: We value everyone’s privacy, therefore to protect and for safety reasons.  No names or anything confidential will be revealed to the public )

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